Windows and Doors add value to your home

They say, "windows are the eyes to your house" and play a major role in the overall look, feel, and curb appeal of your home. When was the last time you examined the condition of your windows and doors?

Keeping your windows and doors in peak working order is essential for every homeowner and checking them routinely is always recommended. This is especially true with winter right around the corner.

It’s easy to delay window replacement projects, however, here are six persuasive reasons to plan your project now:

  1. Added home value/curb appeal. Savvy homeowners know that window replacements are a major improvement project and require a considerable investment of money. Older windows may look outdated or unattractive. New replacement windows will help give your home the look you are intending and improve the curb appeal.
  2. Easy maintenance. Technology has redefined nearly every aspect of home construction and remodeling. Today’s windows are designed with leading-edge features that serve the home and its residents better than ever before with enhanced energy efficiency and improved aesthetics.
  3. Energy efficiency and noise control. Windows can deliver a degree of thermal performance increasingly on par with that of exterior walls, however some windows insulate better than others. Some windows have cavities between their panes that are filled with argon, a denserthan-air gas that adds further insulation. These advances help to eliminate drafts and minimize energy loss, enabling homeowners to enjoy more efficient, less expensive heating and cooling. Many of the same features that benefit household efficiency also deliver the benefit of reducing outside sound.
  4. Functionality. New windows are easier to clean as most are built with a tilt-in feature. This allows you to tilt the window in to quickly wash the exterior of the window instead of doing so from the outside of the home.
  5. Window security. New windows can ease fears of break-ins and intruders keeping you and your family safe. With secure locks and double or triple-pane glass, you can be sure that your windows aren’t a weak spot in your home’s security.
  6. A room with a view. Your old windows may have become foggy, scratched, or dirty over time. Installing new windows with new glass can help give you a clearer view of the outside world.

Even the best quality windows won't last forever and there are slightly different life expectancies. Double-paned windows have an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years, while fiberglass might last up to 40 years and aluminum windows falling in between these ranges. However, several factors such as how well your windows are maintained, the weather they must withstand and the type of frame material you choose will have an impact. Timing is an essential factor when you’re planning a window replacement. While it’s important to make the most of your current window’s lifespan, you shouldn’t wait until old windows start to compromise your quality of life. How do you know if it’s time to replace your window? Here are some telling signs:

  1. Decay and water damage on the window frames. Age and extreme weather can be harsh on your windows. In fact, they might sustain enough damage that window repairs are not an option. If your existing windows have cracks, broken glass, chipping, rotting, mold, or decay, it’s a clear sign that you need to replace your old windows to enhance the décor of your home.
  2. Window condensation. You might notice “sweat” on your windows on particularly cold days. Condensation can mean that your current windows’ glazing is losing its effectiveness. Due to failing seals, it’s easy for moisture to find its way between the glass panes, forming condensation. To prevent this type of issue, we recommend you invest in our new energyefficient windows.
  3. Faulty operation. Most aging windows develop balance issues, which lead to jamming and sticking. The formation of rust, rotting, or mold may also factor into this, indicating that your existing windows are nearing the end of their service life. Your windows should easily open and close with a proper functioning lock, both as an added seal against air escaping your home and additional security.
  4. Drafty. If you feel a draft near your windows, this is an indicator that their seals are damaged and it’s time to invest in replacing your windows. This compromises your home’s thermal stability, putting extra load on your HVAC system and leading to higher energy bills.
  5. Escalating energy bills. Once the air-tight seal between the glass panes and frames becomes damaged, you will need to need to replace your windows to eliminate the drafts in your house. The small holes and cracks between the glass panes will allow cold air to enter your household. This will cause the total cost of your utility bill to increase each month. To save money and keep those drafts from coming in, opt for double or triple-pane windows. Newer windows are more energy-efficient and designed to help prevent air transferring in and out of your home.
  6. Outside noise. Do you hear every car horn, dog bark, and other traffic noises from inside your home? Excess noise is a sign your windows are not providing enough insulation.

As your home ages, so do other components from appliances to roofs. Your front door is one of the first features guests will encounter, and it has an important job: keeping trespassers (and drafts) out of your home. How do you know when it’s time to replace your front door? Listed below are four universal signs:

  1. Your Doors Are Lacking Curb Appeal. The front door is the focal point of a house, and it can either make or break your home’s curb appeal. If your door is outdated, it might decrease your home’s ROI when selling. From picking the right color to choosing the right door knocker, there are a lot of ways you can improve its look. Upgrading your door to new fiberglass or steel not only looks great, but it can also increase the value of your home.
  2. You Feel a Draft. A front door replacement is necessary if you need to place a towel under it to keep the cold air from coming in. Gaps between the frame and door occur naturally over time, and a new door is the only solution. Upgrading will not only keep the draft out but will also lower your utility costs long-term.
  3. Your Doors Are Weathered or Cracked. Like any fixture in your home, front doors deal with wear and tear. Winters and other harsh weather can cause your door to warp and crack, which means that over time it will no longer function as it should. Any major signs of damage should be a signal that it’s time for an exterior door replacement.
  4. You Don’t Feel Safe. If you don’t feel safe in your own home, it’s probably time to invest in a stronger door that is more resistant to forced entry. Some door manufacturers offer glazing that is designed to protect against break-ins.

When shopping for a new front door, it’s important to compare your options and keep these concerns in mind; your budget, the style of your home, your security, and the amount of maintenance you’re willing to devote.

When planning your window and door replacements, it’s important to work with a reputable company like National Contractors. Our expert installers have extensive experience handling complete exterior renovations and only use quality products.

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