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Stucco, Brick & Stone

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Stucco over wood frame

Stucco is durable, less expensive than brick or stone, and may be installed over almost any type of wall. A fiber reinforced cement stucco is applied over a substrate wrapped with a weather barrier and metal lath. It can be installed up to 5/8" in one application or 3/4" or more in 2 coats. Next, after drying, a primer and a finish is applied.


Parex EIFS Detail

EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system) is made up of a layer of insulation board, fiberglass mesh, base coats, and a finish coat of synthetic stucco. It looks like stucco but resists cracking. The well known failures of EIFS were caused by deficient flashings/installation and by the system itself, which did not allow any water trapped behind the insulation to escape. In a cement stucco the metal lath provides a gap for any water that gets into the system to drain out. In old EIFS, when water gets trapped between sheathing and insulation, rot and extensive damage may occur.

National Contractors installs real stucco and new, improved EIFS with water drainage. In this system, insulation boards with grooves and channels are applied so any water that incidentally enters behind them may drain out. Proper sealing and correct flashing details at windows, doors, and roof-wall intersections are vital for any stucco system.

National Contractors is certified by Parex, Senergy and Dryvit stucco manufacturers.

Stone Veener

Manufactured stone veneer is a decorative siding used often at home front façade, entry walls, and landscape walls. It is made of concrete and replicates natural stone textures and colors.Manufactured stone veneer comes in traditional and modern styles, rectangular or round shapes, and in variety of colors.Please visit Coronado and StoneCraft for more information.


Brick manufacturers produce thin brick with the same colors and textures as the standard bricks.
Thin Brick Panel System allows applying the thin brick to exterior or interior walls. No footing, lintels, or structural support are required, panels are easier and faster to install than conventional masonry.

Loxon by Universal is the panel systems used by National Contractors at the chimneys renovation at Port Liberte, Jersey City, NJ.