customer testimonials

I want to thank you for your professionals who have been working with us again this year.

The quality and workmanship of the finished work of our new roofs, stucco replacements, stone replacements and gutters certainly has again met our high expectations.  We appreciate the diligence of all your workers in keeping our community clean, neat and safe during the work.  It is obvious to us that everyone from your own staff and your subcontractors are talented and accomplished professionals in every aspect of the work they do.

The overall supervision that Mario has provided during this year's portion of the project continued to be outstanding.  Mario goes over and above expectations as the job supervisor.  We have received kudos from residents that have been assisted by him i.e., "Mario is amazing! So professional and thorough, Truly top shelf".   We continue to hope and will be most appreciative to be able to work again with Mario during our next phases of this project.
Thank you all for doing such a great job on our behalf and we look forward to working with you again in next year’s phase.

Four Seasons at Readington, August 2021

Hi!  I just had the roof of my townhouse replaced and also the gutters. I wanted you to know that Mario's team of roofers did a great job! They were extremely professional, took safety precautions for homeowners & (wore masks when speaking with homeowners!). They were punctual, consistent, and meticulous. They did a fantastic job!  Mario answered all my questions. Very pleased with the results.Thank you!

Homeowner Association Member,  April 2021

To Whom It May Concern: I am a resident of Deerfield Condos and a full-time caregiver for my mother of 90 years. Before the beginning of the Deerfield Condos siding project, the property manager sent out an owner letter directing all inquiries concerning the project go solely to him. Because of some history between the manager and myself, I knew that any job inquiries would have to involve another resource to solve my problem(s). Your job supervisor for this siding job, as you know, is Tom Z. After contacting Tom several times, I discovered that the issues were solved in a timely and efficient way. My choice to involve Tom was definitely the proper decision. Tom should be commended for providing an added safety service to the elderly and physically challenged in our community.
The affected residents contact Tom for the workers to stop construction during work hours only when that resident exits or enters the front entrance of the buildings. He provides his cell number to those that request his help with a 10-15 minute lead time. This action not only provides a safer environment but greater piece of mind to the residents. Hopefully, the property manager of the community will publicize to the entire Deerfield Condo community that this service is available. Currently, there are 35-40 percent of our residents that are either elderly and/or physically challenged and would welcome this service. I am confident that all would be appreciative. And, I trust that Tom will be recognized for this action. In conclusion, I now know one of the reasons why the sole decision by the Board and Manager in awarding this siding contract to National Contractors was because of services like this. Wishing Tom and your company a Safe and Prosperous New Year.

Homeowner Association member, December 2020

I just wanted to take a moment to commend National Contractors on an Excellent job well done!! Mario the Supervisor was a pleasure to work with, communication was effective, organized, efficient schedule and made a smooth Roofing phase 2 with no issues. I would like Mario to return next year.
National Contractors is the best Roofing company by far and I look forward to working phase 3.  

Property Manager, September 2020

National Contractors is a great company to work with for any large project your community may need. Their quality of work is excellent. Their crew is efficient and respectful of the residents who live in these communities. I've been a community manager for 10 years and the thing that stands out above all else is their customer service. They are professional and responsive to homeowners, Board Members, and management from beginning to end of any project They stand by their work and will make it right if there is a problem. They recently completed a large siding replacement project. They were met with so many challenges during the 9 months they worked on the project and never missed a beat. They exceeded everyone’s expectations.
I was very impressed. I strongly recommend National Contractors and look forward to working with them again.

Kim W., Community Manager, March 2023

National Contractors,
I wanted to send a personal note to compliment National on the work product being performed at Lamplighter Village.
Each time I return to our property I am proud of the look of the buildings completed and in the small hand I had in making it happen.
It was a long and arduous process to get here but the results more than warrant the efforts. Thank you for your continued efforts on our behalf.  

Dennis, Lamplighter Village, May 2022

As the chairperson of our Maintenance Committee here and having been involved closely with our roof replacement project, I want to share with your my thoughts about the overall project results and especially your professionals who have been working with us.

First, the quality and workmanship of the finished work of our new roofs, stucco replacement, stone replacement, and gutters certainly has met our expectations. The conscientiousness of all your workers in keeping our community clean and neat during the work is also much appreciated. We consider everyone who has worked here from your own staff, and as your sub-contractors, to be accomplished professionals in the work they do. Also, your flexibility in adjusting our project start date during the COVID-19 restrictions has worked out well for us.  

Second, the overall supervision that your supervisor has given this project is considered superb. He is without a doubt the best example of what a job supervisor should be like. Not only is he exceptionally knowledgeable about his work, he is personable, responsive to whatever arises, pays great attention to detail, and he clearly has excellent inter-personal skills. We hope, and will be most happy, to be able to work with him again during our next phases of this project.
Again, thank you all for your doing such a great job on our behalf and we look forward to working with you in next year’s phase, hopefully with an early Spring start date.

Chairperson, July 2020

I want to let you know that we have just had National Contractors finish the replacement of our skylights. They came yesterday when they said they would in the morning and had the job done by early afternoon. I could not be more pleased.

Community Member, October 2020

Just want to drop you a line to tell you that the work you did looks excellent and has performed very well in many driving rain storms. Please tell all of your employees who worked here, that I really appreciate their craftsmanship and the pride they took in their work.
If you ever need a place to show a prospective client, I would be happy to help.

Property Owner, April 2018

This evening I took a walk around to see the results and clean up. Wow! Wow! Wow! We are all so impressed with your company. Fast(my guess is that there were 10 workers at least), organized, professional, courteous and pleasant. Please pass it on to your crew. Thank you, keep up the good work.

Community Manager, September 2018

Your company and your workers have done a marvelous job for us. The roof looks great. Special thanks for the thoughtfulness and care taken by your employees. All debris from the roofs was carefully handled and disposed of, causing no hazard or inconvenience for our residents.

Community Manager, March 2016

I just received a call from the homeowner. After 7 years of living at SL, she has never been more impressed, as she is now, with our crew working on the property.
She raved about how professional, polite, and considerate all the workers are. She also was impressed with how clean they are keeping the property, and how organized they are.
She said she isn’t the only one that feels this way and can speak for many of her neighbors.

Community Manager,  June 2017

Thank you so much for the great job you did at this location and for the thorough follow up and pictures. You will definitely be my go-to company moving forward! I am submitting your invoice, you should receive a check sometime next week.

Regional Manager, August 2017

P.P has had multiple contractors in the past that were fly by night and didn’t take care of our development. Several years ago, we had the opportunity to meet with National Contractors (which is now our roofing and siding contractor of choice). I don’t want to rehash the past, but I would like to say that we are extremely happy with National. It’s a huge project for us and they have helped us with engineering assessments, costs, quality of work, professionalism, as well as craftsmanship here at P.P.

Board President, July 2016

AD wishes to congratulate you for your outstanding workmanship on the roofing, siding and gutter installation on our new home construction in Readington, New Jersey. At all times your crew was knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient in their operations. Your professional demeanor and timely response to our needs made it a pleasure to work with you and we look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Property Developer, April 2014

We the Board as well as the entire community are extremely grateful for the professionalism, hard work and pride that you gentlemen put into a project. Our community has never looked better!

Board President, November 2015

I just wanted to let you know how happy the homeowners are with the work that was done. Mario did a great job with the roofing project. So many homeowners called, emailed and stopped in to say what a good job he did. We had a few cranky people here and there but it is a big community and everything went very smooth.  Thanks again for everything!

Community Manager,  April 2014